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In Africa necessity is the mother of innovation. Editor of Stuff magazine, South Africa.

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#GadgetOfTheDay Learn Klingon. I kid you not.

#GadgetOfTheDay (circa 1983) VHS cassette tape. Could record 180 minutes on max setting. Endless hours of replay. #RetroTech

#GadgetOfTheDay The original 2001 iPod next to the 2005 iPod nano & the 2010 nano. #SteveJobs

#GadgetOfTheDay The original iPod. Launched in 2001, with iconic click wheel. RIP Steve Jobs. It still had 4 separate buttons for play/pause, back, forward & menu.

#GadgetOfTheDay New Kindle, sans keyboard but not touchscreen. From

#GadgetOfTheDay Lenovo ThinkPad X1 - from : 16mm thin, SSD, spillproof, droppable, 30 min for 80% charge time, gorilla glass screen, carbon-fibre roll cage.

#GadgetOfTheDay Samsung Galaxy Note. 5in/12.7cm bright touchscreen, slick interface.

#GadgetOfTheDay BlackBerry Bold 9900. First touchscreen Bold. Slim, 5MP camera, BB 7 OS.

#GadgetOfTheDay has hacked his own Windows 8 touchscreen. approves

#GadgetOfTheDay Samsung Galaxy Note. Larger 5.3in/13.4cm touchscreen, 1.4Ghz dual-processor, slim 9.65mm

#GadgetOfTheDay Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 - 19.5cm Super Amoled Plus touchscreen. 7.89mm thin, weighs 335g. Dual-core 1.4Ghz processor

#GadgetOfTheDay LG's LZ9900 "world's largest 3D TV" at 72in/182cm #IFA

#GadgetOfTheDay Playing Cut The Rope on an LG 3D TV. All LG's kit now use passive 3D glasses. Big gamble, but seems to pleasing the #IFA crowds

#GadgetOfTheDay Sony Tablet S - only tablet with an infrared remote app. Designed for in-home use

#GadgetOfTheDay Sony screens, R to L: Xperia Play, Tablet P, Tablet S, Bravia. All game. #ifa

#GadgetOfTheDay Sony Tablet P - folding tablet with two touchscreens. Android 3.2. #IFA

#GadgetOfTheDay Epson's EH-TW9000W 3D projector. 2,400 lumens, 200,000:1 resolution. Wireless HD streaming to projector. #IFA

#GadgetOfTheDay Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet. Lightest Android tabloid I've seen

#GadgetOfTheDay wants to know if it's a dock for the Motorola Atrix or a handle

#GadgetOfTheDay Motorola Atrix. Same 1Ghz dual-core chip, HDMI out docking station, has desktop mode in lapdock