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. I have a whole collection of watches ->

If you're a man you have to hold your wife's purse like this to make sure it's clear that it's not your purse.

It's Anders on stage at #gotoaar showing TypeScript. It's pretty compelling when he shows it. Check the code:

Learning about the internal architecture of with at #gotoaar

Starting my week! A map for reference -> ;)

My blood sugar graphed over one week as hourly trends from 2537 CGM readings in mg/dl. #diabetes #dexcom #bgnow

A weather report you don't see every day

I love that my #diabetes doctor is all about the free samples. #Onetouch #verio

Free vs. Paid

There's something about the demographic...I can't put my finger on it...

hey look

and Brian McKnight is trending at Microsoft /cc

This weekend's LEGO #starwars less than 12 parsecs! /cc


in Scotland today, saw this and thought of you

I blog about my car shipping with lousy software & Toyota sends me a software update! Well played!

"Thief of Thieves," the new Robert Kirkman comic. Seems he uses Visual Studio to shut down security systems. ;)