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Final version of the elf.. rogue.. thing, whatever.
Close up of the helm/hair as well.

  • 848 days ago via site
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Here we go, changed colors and added things.
Now I'm happy with it, I think.

  • 870 days ago via site
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Final version, finished animating etc.
Gauntlet has an animated glow effect and the little orbs pulse in and out.

  • 893 days ago via site
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And here we go.. 's Hope Bringer done in DF's style! So shiny! :v

  • 946 days ago via site
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Asuka made me do this.

  • 950 days ago via site
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There we go. Nice and not evil at all ranger thingy, and an old bow that actually ended up matching it.

  • 959 days ago via site
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Alright, finally sufficiently insane/sinister. Now I can call this done.

  • 979 days ago via site
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Finished last night's sketch. First legion themed thing I've done in a while.

  • 987 days ago via site
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Collaboration with and I. Go see the original and follow him if you don't!

  • 1004 days ago via site
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Finally posting this on here. Final version, meant to be CC, etc. Two examples of colors.

  • 1013 days ago via site
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Soooo.. got me to make some Witcher swords. Steel and Silver of course, both pretty quickly done.

  • 1029 days ago via site
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Final version with a cape and a few adjustments :3. Been way too long since I've done anything DF related.

  • 1030 days ago via site
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Okay, finally finished. I changed a lot of stuff between the old version and now, but I think it looks better now.

  • 1032 days ago via site
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Yet another of 's designs. He asked me to flash this one as well, so here it is. Almost didn't have enough time to finish it, so I kinda rushed..

  • 1043 days ago via site
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A certain talking bag of popcorn managed to make me quickly flash 's sword design. Not as detailed as I would like it to be, but I didn't have much time.

  • 1044 days ago via site
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Old axe that I never uploaded because I forgot, so here it is. In it's unfinished glory.

  • 1050 days ago via site
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Slightly animated staff. I might add more later

  • 1054 days ago via site
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Updated because I changed a lot on the staff and a few things on the sword.

  • 1057 days ago via site
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Final version of the outside of the TARDIS house. I didn't fix anything major, just some glows and stuff.

  • 1061 days ago via site
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I haven't done a serious weapon that wasn't just messing around for a while now, so here's a scythe. :3

  • 1067 days ago via site
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