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They had a live mini orchestra at the back but I didn't take any performancce pics out of respect

And this was also a thing

Really though

The seating was amazing

May have overdone it with the chocolate


And second is a sideways card from where we shoot lamo-s! It came with several gold stars

First up is a Christmas card from which is the best Chiaki I could ever imagine


Speaking of Christmas cards, I got 's! D-Did I say anything about Mayuyu on Twitter?

Hopefully nobody relevant finds this, but I am pretty satisfied with the KlK secret santa card I made

Secret s/a/nta gifts (sending out) part one. The second part is figuring out what to do with the poster

Things still need a bit of moving around, but I can now bring on the nendos

Hey Twitter, meet you in 30

Twitter... It's done

It's not instagram if I don't post pics of every meal, right

It looks better every time I go there

Today, I sit in on an exhibition at the temple

Nendo desk acquired. Pic of assembled in store. Top shelf essentially too small to use except to put nendos on

But at least now I can share Chiaki's love for parfaits