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I'm Paul Gude! I do swears and say crazy things! UNSAFE! For safety, visit the Twitter feed of children's author Paul Gude:!/paul_gude

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I'm going to bed wearing a shirt so cool I wish I had it so I do.

Then, wish 'em into the cornfield!

Me, as the faux-Santa narrator in the spirit-gum incident I mentioned earlier. (Yeti-quality photo.)

Again, the moon.

The moon is watching me walk to the train.

Walking home to my wife and daughter in the rain. The sun is shining, and you know what THAT means!

My 5-Year Old said, "Look! Mickey Mouse!" Well done, #Disney.

Major Sniffles:

"Where's his nose?" #MST3K

Corn maze!!!

Ray-gun gourd.

I LOVE THEM! I'm so glad you're in it. Please say for me!

I looked for your special on Netflix.

My perfect sky:

At a beach:

Uh oh. Think I'm gonna get kicked out, you guys. :(

Me to. I'm planning early.