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Yesterday's SWAG. It's a business card holder...WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE. (Total coincidence WK HQ is near Amsterdam)

  • 986 days ago via site
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Twins? Which is the REAL book? I can't decide on a caption. #eLangdell

  • 988 days ago via site
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I just realized that when I'm making eBooks, I look like this. #eLangdell

  • 1016 days ago via site
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It was supposed to be chocolate chip but put the juju on me.

  • 1077 days ago via api
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The build your own Minifig station.

  • 1119 days ago via api
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Back from feeding livestock. A mare foaled this morning. BABY PONY! FLAIL!

  • 1131 days ago via api
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I <3 the logo made out of interlocking plastic building blocks. All of us in mini plastic form.

  • 1134 days ago via site
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This also causes concern...

  • 1182 days ago via api
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Just noticed I guess I'm official now. Maybe law students will stop thinking I'm the CK IT help desk.

  • 1213 days ago via site
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Its going to kill me in my sleep, I just know it.

  • 1270 days ago via api
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Oops. I guess these got misplaced in last move.

  • 1273 days ago via api
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Weird clouds in my back yard. I thought maybe Chicago exploded.

  • 1286 days ago via api
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Just tried to sign up for . Not sure if TOS is accident or statement on how people never read them.

  • 1295 days ago via site
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tweets illustrated.

  • 1363 days ago via site
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Beautiful day in Valpo. I think Spring might actually be here.

  • 1365 days ago via site
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I don't know what's up with this carrot, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't eat it.

  • 1380 days ago via site
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HOW DID THEY KNOW? (Seriously, they started following me first. My dorkitude must be that obvious.)

  • 1401 days ago via site
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For , just because.

  • 1402 days ago via site
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This may, in fact, be the best Kindle cover art ever. EVER.

  • 1403 days ago via api
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CATHAT returns! Slightly worse for wear, but ok! Thanks, everyone!

  • 1416 days ago via api
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