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Founder, Other.io. Formerly: Wikimedia Foundation, Laughing Squid, Burning Man. Saving the world through collaborative software & tactical whimsy.

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Prometheus Plotting - looks on as TechShop's new CNC plasma torch cuts cube face prototypes.

Erica Mulkey (aka ) performing with Architecture. /cc

! Architecture onstage at Cafe du Nord while , omnipresent camera in hand, takes photos from the front row.

Happy face penis! #monochrom #noisebridge #yesr

? mid-introduction speech.

Book release party for Monochrom's "Ye Olde Self-Referentiality" happening NOW at . Come!

The poster for the 2007 Maker Faire was a "Where's Waldo" of SF awesome, from SRL's mayhem to ' Shroommates.

Someone's DIY Segway, at .

Arrived at our destination - if you're at the for 's birthday, gather at the Tactile Dome presently.

Newly-installed aerial rigging at , a joint project by & . Let the circus arts commence!

Fresco at the Marine Fireman's Union building, 240 2nd Street, San Francisco.

Heats of racers heading down SF's _real_ curviest street. Fun!

The scene at the starting line. #BYOBW

"I'll get my closet; he'll get his garage - we'll both be happy!" ...and archaic gender stereotypes will be safely maintained!

Wow. Walking on Minna St. I just came across our Pee Wee Herman "bowtie" tag from the Urban Idiotarod... in 2004.

At Patricia's Green, celebrating the installation of Dan DasMann & Karen Cusolito's sculpture "Ecstasy"

"DOUBT", a 1-button artwork by Jonathan Moore.

Winding down our second day of framing at .

Construction is underway at ! Soulplates are down for the 2nd floor walls.

Further adventures in English signage: