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Idiots of Signage

Leighton Baines & his dad have a lovely father-son moment.

Come on you... Sbburs? #COYS

One day I will have a sweet van like this


Yes, but who's going to build it?

I miss Hiccup.

If you look up "oxymoron" in the dictionary, it's just a picture of this

This was just called French Market East Finchley 20th, 21st 22nd September until Hanna-Barbera took it over.

I think I've found the missing link between man & daddy longlegs.

Not if she sat on you.

This ain't going to be good for house prices.

The music appears to be taking this lady to Constipationville.

Daily Mail Comment of the Day

I got you beat, Cerini. I have to see this bastard every day.

Hello. My name is Mowgli Butler.

Dude. You're being a bald black guy wrong.

Yo. John Gavin. Invite your neck to the beard party, dude.

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The Naughty Leader browses through his extensive bamboo record collection.