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These people think deserves this.

This is what real bosses do.loooooool

RT I just finished the Qur'an :)

I hate when people drag things like this.. That is the official site of the British monarchy.

and yeah, save yourself the troubles of cc-ing me to links, I subscribed to the blog's RSS feed

Atsegbua now an S.A.N. cc

Y'all need to calm down with this child marriage thing...y'all need to

Yeah RT There is? seyi__: when I can actually use the torrent app on my phone.smh"

RT “seyi__: Inu mi o dun... Let me go buy nutri-c.” http://t.co/vHHb6qbxzo

RT “seyi__: I mean, I can't read my own hand writing after 2days.” http://t.co/DxySRJSjqo

RT seyi__ http://t.co/zeCTU1qbiH

RT “seyi__: Go on. RT "Ready-made wife material" ----> http://t.co/kWwF7c0aPh

Lol.see RT I'll resume tomorrow RT seyi__: Seems people have stopped CCing me to their new blog posts

Let me burst your bubbles.

yo Goke, remember this sub?bitch ass murfucker.loooooooool

RT Dear I may not be "Prince charming" bt i promise u this http://t.co/GlcyTyIXzP

RT Lmao. Dts sufficient :p "seyi: she didnt say you are handsome RT *drools :* :* "

RT :D *gasping for air ": :* :* :*"


RT : I get big ikebe na ": lol, how u tak

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