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Brighton based sysadmin & consultant. CAcert Assurer. Into *nix (specially *BSD) & networking.

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current status

Current status

Watching #ZFS Y4K again, I noticed the travelstar disk has the advanced format logo on it

5 hours on #macosx

I'm willing to wait #macosx

ctrl + f7 is your friend, looking forward to working faster in #macosx can finally interact with dialogue boxes via key

contents of my boot.scr

looks like the T1000 is happy with 2TB disks, currently installing

SSL errors with your blog when browsing with opera

yay \o/

how refreshing

yeah, there's 3 files with similar naming convention

this option made me smile when checking out, nice to see like this offered as standard to the general public :)

showing up on firefox 13 here

anyone else unable to connect to ichat?

Making the #macosx .app crash when pressing escape 3 or more times

Why does google need to know your gender when you request things to be deleted?

Trying out the beta #macosx app

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