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Ohio fur that dabbles in many things and excels at nothing. Bask in my mediocrity!

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A little surprised I got as high as I did, I ordered it pretty much as soon as it popped up. OTOH, it is #42. :)

Closing time... o/~ #TrotCon

Oh, it's one of THOSE parties... #TrotCon

Dancing Bronies. "Louder!" "yay." #TrotCon

Musical Interlude. #TrotCon

P. Moss finished my badge! Commission her! #TrotCon

Pony Improv! #TrotCon

I say that because not only was there some subtle innuendo, but during a song a bunch of shots flipped by.

Pro Fursuit Gaming.

Casey's kitchen full of furries

AC flags fluttering in the breeze, on the last day. #AC2012

Dance! #AC2012

ajshfjieoasnufeio #derpyderpyderpy #AC2012

More "shenanigans"! They're getting up to something, anyway... #AC2012

Hey you dang kids, turn down that thar racket!

Soon. #AC2012

Traditional view from hotel room shot, with #AC2012 flag blowing in the breeze.

Looks better when the flash hits it.

A little different now.

Some other people in here now, but still not general admission yet.

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