is the back beat to your favorite love song.

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This is me. Right now. Listening to Ana Egge. "Bully of New York." killer song. Buy it!

Overcast skys and doing 75, on the way to Nashville. Life in the first degree.

Sitting next to and having a conversation over texting. No talking allowed in the van. Dave's rule.

Second Breakfast with and rug and rollers.

I'm pounding coffee and getting ready for the "Rug and Roll" tour.

The view from here: the Not-So-Great edition.

Doing one of my favorite things with one of my favorite people. Walking around with

Back in the studio with . Fun times!!

Full-Moon Fever.

This Indiana gas station really got it's Monet's worth from their interior decorator.

Which fortune is and which fortune is mine?

Comparalellograms: is to Halloween fairy as I am to Christmas fairy.

Thanks to we'll have some more comparalellograms coming up. Thanks Dave!

Comparisons: is to hightops, as is to boots.
(what are these questions called?)

Dear Internet friends, who or what inspires you and how? Please share.

This van just slowly pulled out in front of me... Go figure.

I having a impromto meeting with the dating service.

Recording a new song called "Give Your Love To Me." with . Long and good hardy day.

Hey you! Yeah, You!!! Go to and download part of my new record that's coming out in NOVEMBER!

This is where I park.... As you can tell by the sign.