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why do i tweet so much? Burn notice fans ask questions. Should I ignore them?

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Just a wussup pic:)

2 for 1 poetry special:)

Gotta hit the books guys sorry:/ tweet ya later:))))

#ThanksforFollowing jean:)

Ahhhh! Oh no:) It's the 27th actually:)

Last page of #RandomThoughts From book 2:/

Who wins the #zombieoff? Or #zombified follower #2:)?)

Who wins the #zombieoff? #zombified #1?


#Random #BurnNotice Set pic:) That's an older one:)

And as the sunsets on the power lines of my life, I wish you goodnight;)

What;)?) Nigh night kiss for you then girl:) Muah!!!!

Nah, I've never been trusted with fire arms:)@)

I stole the mayorship of the theatre from the director;)@)

Still workin:)

Someone asked for a pic of the truck I bought my wife:)

Jus a wussup pic:)

#photo #poetry By #JimMorrison

Thanks for following Krista:)

The first scene for #burnotice I ever filmed.