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Today I learned that Parks and Recreation have their own trading cards. Trade you a Knope for an Andy!

*COUNTER ATTACKS* *pew pew pew*

My boyfriend just compared Isabelle from Animal Crossing to Leslie Knope. XD

Also, I love this The Little Mermaid meets Lisa Frank painting.


Should I get this camo jacket?

Should I get this camo jacket?

4am. Can't sleep. Watching Wings.

Glad I wasn't the only one annoyed by that!

After reading all your #ThePessimist tweets I made you a logo.

Thanks to the GTA V trailer I've discovered my new favorite album. Released in 1968, sounds great even today!

Another great episode of but it would have been better w/out this programming notice crap.

A co-worker at the library put this little surprise on the computer class calendar as a B-day present #BurnNotice

I know it isn't the same year and it doesn't have the thing on the hood, but maybe if I paint it black... #BurnNotice

Even though I just woke up, I feel I can say this. #BurnNotice

Thanks to the #BurnNotice subreddit I also found this pic

One of my fondest memories is having sign this shirt while I was wearing it. :) #BurnNotice

Some pics