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You pay almost $1,000 and yet no Pixie Dust is included? WHAT A RIP.

Looking at one of my fashion magazines and I turn the page and helloooooo Spaceship Earth man.

A friend at work showed me how to run a Gameboy advance emulator on my iPhone. It actually is pretty cool!

Found this in my room and immediately thought of you.

Some of them are, some
of them are LE pins.

I'm mad at myself for being so attached to these pieces of metal. #DisneyPins


I actually took a pic in the dressing room with it on. It photographed so well I had to have it! LOL

This is the one I got. It's comfy and flattering. My two favorite things.

A cave in the icy land of Hoth, or the ceiling of Mythos? You decide...

Was going to take a pic of my food and post it, but it was gone too quickly. Got a pic of the butter though. #Mythos

This place is amazing and the food was delicious. I will definitely be back! #Mythos

My boyfriend surprised me with a meal at Mythos for my birthday. I've never eaten here before!

Also, did you know it was Billy Ray Cyrus' birthday yesterday? Happy birthday dad!

Tell him if he gets that beer he can...

Or if anyone could buy a six pack of that beer, drink it, and send me one of the cans. That would be great too. #JAWS

Also, this is me right now because of all those great tweets.

Cold crazy bread. Really is crazy. #Yummy #TheFinalSacrifice #MST3K


Now you guys can't use the excuse of "I didn't know what to get you for your b-day" #GRIMLOCK