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I feel like there are way too many different Lakens, so for now on this is "Gavin Dramano", A well known hero who misuses his fame to take advantage of the people he supposedly "protects". Definitely going to try another more dynamic picture with him.

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My monster idea for the LoL contest.

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Update to my final project

  • 1435 days ago via site
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FInally fixed some problems with the design and got the helmet how I liked it.

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Basic character mold for my class final, going to be doing a lot more with this.

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Laken vs , replacing his muscles with metallic nano fibers to keep up with all the supernatural beings around him. Wearing the "Recoded" armor, and wielding the "God Slayer"; Laken is now ready to challenge the demigod Revontheus.

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Spent a week, and all day on this "basic RIG" a lot of the rig is hidden.

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THe concept art for laken.

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My Character turn around for my art class

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A human, and cat skull. First day of sculpting. had to do both of these in 25 minutes so wasn't able to fine tune them too much :/

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Just an average day at school.

Just an average day at school.

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In an alternate time line where Dage Crushes Nulgath, has returned from the future to save his former master from his fate. More Metal than Flesh Revontheus has replaced many parts lost in constant battle against Dage's legion.

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Check out this AWESOME plushie my friend made m!

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I'm giving it another go, what do you guys think?

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Was doing a lot of doodling last night, came up with this character.

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Doing a ship concept.

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A more or less finished Version of my depiction Xan.

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Head turn animation, went the extra mile with detail.

Head turn animation, went the extra mile with detail.

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First day of 2D animation!

First day of 2D animation!

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A photoshop doodle, still in progress. Going to do a lot more with the mask.

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