Giuseppe the Great


i Giuseppe the italian puppy who like to steal mamas panties or socks. im photogenic/feroshus/fashionable. i like bacon. grrr

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Yippee fo sunbathing!

This me sunbathin' yestaday !

This me sunbathin' yestaday !

This me sunbathin' yestaday !

This me sunbathin' yestaday !

Here I am today just havin a chewy

Fo today's picture I'd like to show yoo a picture of my brofur Gino! He burrows in moms Borrberry scarf!

cheeky it is a lobster sweatshirt !! I happy yoor mama like it! Here another one

wen mama buy house in may it gon have tons of nice gween gwass fo me tho we dos have sum greens

And fo today's picture I wud like to take yoo back to when I was tiny puppy Only 11 week old.

Dis was yestaday on my way to see DrLooby, I was being a weally good boy in car

Hi pals! Here is my pic of da day! Mama says it's cute dat I can flatten out my little back legs wen iz stwetchin

I also love my dada

Ok hi hello ! Today I wanted to share a picture of me and my mama wif all of yoo

ya dis was me last week
I knew sumthin wasn't rite when I left dat pwace

Here is my pic of the day! Yoo iz able too see my weaction to mamas supwise tickle-attack during a belly wub.