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Black market gasoline

you mean the same that put reporters up to their knees in floodwaters? lol.

My take on Milton Glaser's post-9/11 revamp of his iconic I Love New York design, for #Sandy.

That's where I got married. MT : Gowanus floodwaters http://t.co/kPkVzAmI |

this is my submission to http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com

I know I promised not to talk about Israel but I came up with this at dinner w/ a friend and had to Photoshop it

We're just bacteria clinging to a speck of dust floating around a star in just one galaxy in a very vast universe


Big Brother is watching you, so learn how to encrypt your data. #CryptoParty Syracuse at Oct. 18.

Encrypt all the things! Syracuse, Oct. 18 at . #cryptocuse

Sorry the service you didn't volunteer to lead wasn't to your liking! Oh wait, no I'm not.

I hereby resign from Jewish communal activism.

here's another:

do you know who i am? let me give you a clue.

On the theme of 2Gs who've lost the plot, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors "against…the spread of Islam"

I am a Refugee | אני פליט

I am a Refugee | אני פליט

I am a Refugee | אני פליט

I am a Refugee | אני פליט