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I very much enjoy using Twitter to express myself in as few characters possible. I believe that life can be very simple and that superfluous expression is unwar

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Oh shit. I done did it.

Don't Speak.

I don't think some of these kids know how mirrors work.

Hey thanks a million/go straight to hell for this one. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!


Have an iPhone? You should check
out the elegant, simple, brilliantly designed . Sooooo purty.

"Guuurrl, Ima have to call you back......"

What have you done for YOUR dad today? #fathersday #littlewingman

"Morning, sir. Do you have any idea how black you were going back there?"

Looks legit.

FUCK, bro. And you were SO close, too.

this is the the first picture of your first picture, and I also have ‘do’ many questions. Like, ‘where is it?’

Can I keep him?

I'd love to see an angle with the real Johnny Depp's reaction.

It's ironic that equality doesn't make everybody happy.

Or how stupid they look now.

After a year of being super bummed, thinking it lost on tour, a friend returned my favoritest hat!

We hit in 10.