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Rode my motorcycle to Alaska - @ridenorth. Designer of many things, photographer, motorcyclist. Previously: Apple, HP, Mozilla, doubleTwist & more.

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Oops indeed, . If you're doing 'social shopping', make it smarter than this. (who really wants to share this?)

Sorry, and Steve, but this article ( was really begging for a minor Photoshop edit.

Based on your input, I bought the Space Pen. Verdict: not bad!

I remember coming to OS X and being incredibly confused with these hovering nightmares:

Need a nice, small pen to go with my new notebook. ( Any suggestions? Google was, uh, unhelpful:

related: memories.jpg

More like 'Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Photoshop Disasters"

What am I doing in Melbourne? LAN Quake with , , & of course.

Well, that was a fun crowd. Thanks guys.

Designing for Android, an emotional-visual summary:

(image taken today in the SF Tenderloin -- where else?)

Shameless: is a complete style (and copy) ripoff of Down to help / FAQ.

Made a little wallpaper. Extra enjoyable if you're on a Mac. Even more enjoyable with all windows closed.

Sexism in tech: Android OEMs that use women as an object to present their shitty new products. Disgusting.

HP's Stacy Wolff: "In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities."

Yes. An awful lot.

It's pretty insane how far iPhone accessories and attachments have come. There's an iPhone behind all this stuff:

Good thing companies like Samsung are creating usable, high quality and above all simple user experiences for TVs.

Got one of the old Russian Helios 44-2 lenses (58mm f/2.0), and it's been pretty awesome. This is a chandelier:

c'mon, tell me this isn't worth eight grand: