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Rode my motorcycle to Alaska - @ridenorth. Designer of many things, photographer, motorcyclist. Previously: Apple, HP, Mozilla, doubleTwist & more.

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That moment when you get an unexpectedly perfect Google Images result.

I've got friends who design at Facebook so, uh, sorry guys, but this is my first thoughts / fears in an image:

How are there Zagat scores for landmarks?! Say, Twin Peaks in SF.

It's a pair of hills. A++, two hills as advertised.

Well, I just got my set of Field Notes for the season, and uh, kind of hope this design is an April's Fool's joke?

I'm 98% convinced Linotype's logo is a horrible practical joke by a designer which accidentally ended up being used

lol wut

Fool-proof strategy to make your product look well-designed: put it next to an incredibly gaudy 'award' thing. Blegh.

Headed to - well, well, if this isn't confidence-inspiring:

How times change (via NBC News) :

So I guess another 'really nice products' company also loves the stereotypical linen-y texture. Similar color, too!

Update on 35mm film scanners: quite happy with the Minolta Scan Dual! No dust removal, though. Sample: (scaled down)

It was free, and premium users paid 3 (three!) whopping dollars for custom-made themes like 'Stealth'

Hilarious history time? The first thing I ever sold online was… an app for iPods. Before the App Store / iPhone!

Dreamworks? Yup, it checks out.