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This hot brown was not half the hot mess I'd hoped. My fork breaking was a caution not to consume.

I took this photo on my way to The Pub on Saturday night. Miss you!


Zombies wear glasses when they realize they only have 2 left contacts.

And then there was this, for and :

Then this happened.

Found 2 pennies on the floor. This is what I did with them:

Surge, the angry lightning bolt.

It's that time of year again! Cthulhu cupcakes!!!

This photo doesn't do justice to the actual color.

fun with stripes!

I've decided this was a grammar correction. Way to not leave a dangling preoposition in your stupid sentence!

Pretty shiny necklace. Sort of crafted in that I put the awesome charm on the ribbon.

Can't beet it cakes. Thanks to for the title!

I don't think twitter posted my Squee (Squidbee) for .

I don't think twitter posted my Squee (Squidbee) for .

Crow and Tom Servo.

Happy Boozemas!

We can haz boltz?

Creme Brulee Stout cookies.