Vegetarian biking small town transgender father of 3 feisty teens in real life, Director of Network for LGBT Health Equity in pro life.

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Betty Waterford Crocker - Kids' recipe for chocolate chip cookies appears to call for 4 pieces of stemware.

- want this?

Oh yah! FDA's list of vulnerable populations for tobacco includes... Wait for it... #lgbtq #FDAtobacco

#wholefoods finally tackles serious nutritional issues

#I95 south near whiteout in places, dozen+ cars off road. Avoid if u can. Just got in CT, getting better now.

I'm following the "Goy" bus around, trying to figure it out. Ohhhh.... i get it.

Cave beauty, yahhhhh baby. Happy halloween!

Is this better pic? All the nu #HP2020 Leading Health Indicators just announced at #APHA.

Can you read this? All the new #HP2020 Leading Health Indicators.

After all of our long work w/ #HP2020, scores the fancy seats here today.

my superaspie eldest wants to program, wanna b his mentor? Pic here, cause I'm sure that matters.

The view as I walk out of my gym stops me. New England, bucolic showoff.

Last stop b4 braces for middle son.

Summary of two phases of tobacco control responses. From #institute2011 closing plenary.

#institute2011 closing plenary, pyramid of factors that affect health, with tobacco examples.

The dinner challenge: can I eat enough greens to endure 3 next days of hotel food?

Must remember I own a garage. And after removing 8 bikes & 1 motorcycle, there's even room 4 this nu girl.

Ok since I'm in the men's bathroom, maybe not exactly here. #trans

Whod a thunk, if u have a hard time eating grapes, just use dip! #lonsband #wellness

W00t! And they start to rousing applause with a rendition of *consults program* 3 Blind Mice. #lonsband