I hate jello, ginger ale, chicken noodle soup, and horses. Lover of all things Pittsburgh, especially the Penguins. I'm a sponge.

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I did it because my dog wouldn't lick peanut butter off my nuts

this can't be real..who in their right mind would buy this/use it #lol

I wish I could ask Ray Lewis to sign this for me on #mediaday

if I could ask Ray Lewis one question on #mediaday, I'd ask him to sign this for me

here ya go scotty boy..Robinson Twp. #snow #fordays

is this a sign that Tanner Glass will have a huge game tonight?? #ihopeso #letsgopens #homeopener #wooooo

#letsgopens looks like sid is ready!!

Props to for the header today #frankzamboni #happy112thbday ..also happy bday to


Hey how are u feeling today?!

look what I found lol #bottomofabottle

$1 goes to the first person to figure out what this is from

uhh u take the cake with that tweet. Bad bad bad yucko

I even took a pic

I hate my life right now #emails #fordays

Startin em young #kegstand #freshman #dosumthincrazy

I need one of these pillows NOW #napanywhere

time to buy!! Got this in the mail today

In honor of a fallen soldier,