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I make shows that people watch on the telebox. I record podcasts that people listen to on the wireless. WARNING: May contain high levels of geekery.

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Also loving in black!

Found these in a charity shop, I want them.

oh and no they don't.

Not mine but still...

This is the bathroom of the first apartment we went to see. We wont be living there!

The new pad!


Also my taxi to the airport appeared to have a button for giving monkeys pizza...

The Royal Collage of Physicians is one if the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in.

Tangent Wave ipäd app for colouring in Äpple Color is the balls! Pun intended! And it's free!

well this is my night tonight but I got to be honest, the Parma violets where the low point.

Was quoted this from FlyBe, deleted my Internet Cookies and booked for half that price, surely illegal?

Not a bad haul from Forbidden Planet considering it was free (traded single issues for credit!)

Another shot of the Killer Wales in the Irish Sea! Hopefully get the video up next after the weekend.

quick screen shot

he has a bee that he can communicate with called Michael who lives in his belt buckle

the last one was Ron and this is PJ