Army veteran. Former TOC NCOIC [Deputy mayor] of camp warhorse day one till late nov 03. Just say NO to Norquist!

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I hate to question, a bible. But when you look at this map. What do you see.

Funny thing. Turn it over it says "made in taiwan"

Ill never forget, seeing a color photo in my first bible and thinking, who wrote this?

I like to think my family divide can be described in a picture. See the kid on the left of the enslaved woman?

Seriosuly! Set #dvr! #cspan 8pm est. #ows #tcot #dems #gop your not done learning. George McGovern special.

Full text of mailer

Politics takes makes the mail box. If you don't wanna know how much at&t gave a certain #gop candidate. Don't look!

#IblameObama for making the banks pay! #tcot #gop #ows #dem #cnn #msnbc #foxnews good news !

Camp War Horse was a, not so, luxurious camp. It was more like, a hole in the middle of the desert.

Politics to Pizza Box. Dominos. Neat

Diyala is a very diverse provnce in Iraq. Lots, of amazing agriculute. Very beautiful place for many.

Perception does alot of things; Instills fear, hope, and hostility. #Example, I already love the New War Horse movie

#ohio our savior is here! Finally, no more pink drivers lisenses.

GG clay reynolds. Last pic.

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