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Keith Murray & Chris Cain (We Are Scientists) muse about politics, art, race, AIDS, & murder

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Is this Levi's ad from the point of view of aliens?

Woman next to Keith on this flight just put a Dunkin' Donuts Box of Coffee in the overhead bin. Is that "suspicious"?

C: In alarming news, my mustache fell off on the way to the airport this morning.

C: I hadn't really given it much thought, but I guess electricity IS sorta useful.

Safari Room in Spokane ID: the margs are huge & $4, and a stuffed Cheetah above the bar's staring at us

How bout moving up the balling? Evening is film time!
Shot 1 min ago:

, day 4, no sleep

Up to no good…

Man with gun has hopped on-stage to check out how hot the black felt is.

Here's a hint:

Anyone care to take a guess as to what they sell at this Tokyo shop?

After a small tremor during soundcheck, Andy, the only band member positioned directly under a lighting truss, got a hat

[SPOILER!] Rehearsing After Hours vocals with Mr Matt Sharp ()

3 to 1 odds John Chamberlain's WITCHESOASIS could beat the shit out of Michael Bay's Optimus Prime.

…As this picture from stage makes plain, there is only room for 8 or 10 thousand of you.

Hangin in the White Star, Southampton, awaiting ferry to Isle of Wight, killin time by posing for pics, paintings, etc

Loving Heneken Jammin Fest in Venice, but the quantity of Pringles in our dressing room is weird/scary…

Found this on wall in really old Venice café: a shot of Sir Kenneth Burrows & Vicente Murricchio, A & K's grandpaps!

Worst name ever for a pub that serves food: "Bung Hole"

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