Bystanders were amazed at the volume of blood

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This is how makes me feel right now.

Our shady shade structure. Old tent poles bowing ominously, tarp, duct tape & rope. Any wind and we'll have a kite!

Testing 123

This may be Wikipedia's greatest moment.

Submitting a pull request to the Drupal Github project is like pulling on this door.

An hour before my talk, just getting to the payoff content... but my pictures are great! #osbridge

The Paris metro goes to Stalingrad. Nobody tell the Germans!

The French employ illegal immigrant labor and shrink living space to solve Parisian housing crisis!

Exhibit Man-Thing:

Hey , I think I've found a flaw in your gender balance^W^Wfemale armor. Also: CLEAVAGE SPIKES! OW!

Going through some old magazines. #perl #perl6 #sadtrombone

"Think globally, act within local variable scope" ceramic coaster from

See, this is how #PDX should advertise to tourists.

This has the stench of genius about it.

NOT happy that & signed me up for spam because I bought the MacUpdate Bundle. #thumbsdown

To my amazement, they made Bud Light even worse.

Thanks for providing a clear, unavoidable update about your privacy policy. This is how everyone should do it.

This Xendo rule of 's stumped & me. Can you guess the rule?

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