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Left-handed, left leaning Jew. Retired, but not retiring Social Worker, from NJ. Low tolerance for stupid. Often apoplectic.

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Spent a great week with the Storyteller of Amsterdam, Verhalenman.nl , Karel Baracs. Now headed to Halifax, NS.

Lauryn Hill’s house
( not family’s home) emptied around block today.
Prison time sad. Wall Street
still goes free.

RIP, Mr. Mayor. Didn’t agree a lot,
but admired his gutsy character.
Remember. He was from Newark!

“in a place where there are no chicken tzotzkies, make your own chicken tzotzkies. “ Hillel


This factory was empty through several trips a few years ago. 3 shifts now due to President Obama. #OhioisBlue

Work in progress: Holiday tzotzke for jealous Jewesses

Voted absentee so I could stay
in bed late and make day
shorter. #Obama2012


Obama 2012 Chair Necklace

My Obama 2012 Chair Ring


Inspired by the RNC

I became an official member of ‘s #Thewalkinggallery today.
A great honor!

A woman who was in my “Teen Lupus Support Grp” at
15 sent this to me. Look out autoimmune disease, she’s on your tail

Thanks for your magical, life changing work!


AGD (Active Grandparent Duty- or agita) ends officially at takeoff in 24 minutes, but who’s counting?

Took Granddaughter & friend to Art Inst. of Chicago where they saw and represented “American Gothic”.

Variation on Titanic

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