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I'm annoyed with this shit jk #Mom2Summit

I'm annoyed with this shit jk

, you will make these #Whirlpool recipes for me, yes? #Mom2Summit

Listening to the surf from my hotel room patio at the at #Mom2Summit. Not too shabby.

Look at what just gave me! Red Tic Tacs exist again! Hooray!

Palm trees! #Mom2Summit

"Punch Dickens was one of Canada's most famous bush pilots" is an actual sentence on a child's toy and not a joke.

This is the actual name of a giant kids' toy at the Calgary airport: Punch Dickins Fokker Super Universal

I'm on a plane! #Mom2Summit

I'm on a plane!

It's May 1st, right? Right?! THE SNOW CAME BACK. Highways are closed, for god's sake.

This is my favourite brand slogan of the day: BELIEVE IN YOUR SMELLF

"Wedding Belles" actors in action in Craven, Saskatchewan.

I'm now at the dinner theatre in Craven with waiting for the beef to come.

Me typing tweets while avoiding covering my phone in bacon prints.

Here's the image I meant to attach.

Do you know what this means? It's too damn cold again. Do you hear me? TOO DAMN COLD.

It's odd how you guys unwittingly get on themes. Tonight's theme? People on fire.

Possessed of the sudden urge to shame cutlery, she found her chance.

I was going to eat a healthy lunch, but screw it. I'm making it Coconut Cream Pie Day