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Roadtripping selfie

It's hard to feel 40 when riding in the back seat on a road trip with your parents.

I'm on my way to Manitoba.

I always forget that eating bananas in public is awkward.

This lady on the bus is staring at me while clutching a crucifix, so I took a few devil-horned selfies.

Wonton soup is this evening's therapy.

It's blue out there. Enough of this tomfoolery.

My boyfriend missed me.

Tired, slept on my face, yesterday's mascara, but so happy to be almost at my own home again.

I'm in the cab heading home and cannot wait to see and the cats. Eeeee.

1st of 2 planes today, Laguna to Denver.

I can safely say that this McD breakfast meat patty bullshit is the worst meat I've ever put in my mouth.

Feeling mysterious airport meat uneasiness.

Je suis le crazy tired.

Eating cashews, watching McD's open up, cursing because it's early. Home soon to kitties and !

Way too early trip to the John Wayne airport from Laguna Niguel. I'll miss you, #Mom2Summit :(

From left to right: Whoop!

I went for a lone wolf beach walk with my white, northern feet.

I'm listening to a #Mom2Summit session about #ShotAtLife with Amanda Peet, because I'm cooler than you.

Jesus Aitch, Laguna Niguel, must you keep sucking so much? #Mom2Summit