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Word nerd friends who make me read the dictionary make me happy.

And you, too! Also, the photo I took of you was the best of the night :)

Here is the lovely at #YQRtweetupX

Look for this face (only slightly less crazy) at #YWRtweetupX. I'm one of your hosts! is the other.

My purse looks like my grandma's.

I'm out to see The Drowsy Chaperone at the . I love it just before the house lights go down.

I'm up making pancakes!

Indian food! Indian food!

Behind a plant. Breathing deeply. Pretending I'm a submarine. Boop boop boop boop.

Here are my two that I got today:

Lunch is finished.

Captain Anarchy, & me!

Just eating Patience African food at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Dee-lush.

I know the answer's around under here somewhere…

I'm sitting on patio furniture that's way nicer than anything in my apartment.

Giant stuffed demonstration fish

My parents and I are still on the road for another couple of hours. I've been travelling since Thursday.

Proof of life. I like them again :)

Itty bitty churches everywhere

7 hours into this 8-hour trip with my parents. Thirsty. Need water, a flush toilet, and some jujubes. Reading: