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Just saw One Flew Over the Cubicle at with . Go!

I'm with waiting for One Flew Over the Cubicle at ! Love small theatre. #ReginaFringe

The Grotto's Mexican night in Vibank? Magnifique! They're booking into November already.

Now I'm waiting to see if I can bake worth a damn.

I have this guy playing fridge vulture.

I'm testing out this baking thing as an anti-anxiety measure. Meditation with flour and eggs.

I'm out of dry mustard for my biscuits. This is my substitution. Here's hoping.

I was felled by my lack off baking powder & soda, but I have a nurse husband & kitty to move things along down here.

It turns out he likes being squished under pillows.

I told Siri I was lonely to see if she cared, and SHE ACTUALLY USED A SYMPATHETIC TONE. End timez.

I'm listening to a 90s cover band.

My says "Oh!"

It's decorative gourd season when I say it is, motherfuckers. #ItIsThatKindOfDay

How can I not eat this? I mean I'm not, but I'm swiftly convincing myself.

And we're off! Holidays are too short.

We are sneaking through the underbrush.

Out with folks.

Coffee, old friends, and books.

Oh happy day! I just got red Wolky boots half price at Pedestrian (part of ).

I'm hanging out with Roxy, who rox.