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It's odd how you guys unwittingly get on themes. Tonight's theme? People on fire.

Possessed of the sudden urge to shame cutlery, she found her chance.

I was going to eat a healthy lunch, but screw it. I'm making it Coconut Cream Pie Day

This stress break deserves ratatouille and cheesy polenta at

The are coming to you today from a kitchen office.

This ad pops up on my iPhone solitaire game. I'm about to find a different version so I don't have to see it.

What's happening in my house right now? KNIVES.

There's a Mountie at the airport. I'm home!

Polar bear suitcase! (This one belongs to the lovely at #BlogWest)

Oh, #yeg. has AMAZING teriyaki sirloin steak. You need it. You want it. I'm off to die happy now.

Sometimes my Twitter timeline looks like the comedy tragedy theatre masks.

Hello :)

Sexist much, autocorrect?

DON'T PANIC. I won't.

I found morning hair.

This is what my life being better than yours looks like.

DON'T PANIC. I won't.

I'm on a bit of a kick. Forgive me or follow me.

The purpose of this church sign confounds me.

Post-memorial coffee in a dark pub with G and . It's good to be here.