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Jerk stole my supper. And I let him eat it. Our reward/punishment system is all messed up. http://www.schmutzie.com/weblog/our-terrible-cat-onion-felled-a-chicken-again

Omigod omigod omigod. sent me #SethGodin, Marketing Guru. I have a pocket boyfriend.

Friday night's alright for Law & Order.

Morning. Let's revisit last night's ugly-facing, shall we?

I got this one at The Source in Cornwall downtown. It works! http://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B009OZUPUC

This is me showcasing a handy scarf knot that is kid and wind resistant. Here's the how-to: http://www.schmutzie.com/weblog/how-to-tie-a-wind-and-fairly-child-resistant-scarf-knot

No wonder I feel claustrophobically hot. It's 37°C/99°F with the humidex, and we don't have air conditioning!

No wonder I feel claustrophobically hot. It's 37°C/99°F with the humidex!


Here's a handy flow chart to ease your mind about this whole Ebola-in-America thing. via #NotTheEndTimes

I and are trying to see Guardians of the Galaxy again after last night's power outage. Fingers crossed.

Bob Ross is my muse.

It's wonderful so far!

My hell boots and ' scarf. #BlogHer14

Looky! It's and keynoting it up. #BlogHer14

I didn't notice this yesterday, but I think wins for Best Photobomb. #selfiebration #BlogHer14

Mobile sites with tabs that overlay the text, as in this example, effectively leave me with half a readable screen.

Lovely rainfall warning we have here, Regina. Nothing like more water for the flood. #yqr

I did that thing where I pretended to sleep while I took a selfie. So much art.

I made it out of my 1st Costco experience with only 20 chicken thighs and a queen-size sheet set. I'm a winner, baby.