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Awed by the wonder of the universe; motivated by how we can get out there. Love soccer, gardening, snowboarding, Denver Broncos, family. Views are my own.

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A view from the game tonight.

My current San Francisco view toward the TransAmerica bldg, shrouded in fog.

Me + and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Here's inside the Charantais melon. If only I could share the fabulous smell & taste!

Would you like to see my melons? (picked from the garden yesterday!)

A photo of the coming storm. (Maybe it'll send as a twitpic email?)

Tomatoes and peppers round out the garden nicely! #gardenchat

See how the swiss chard in my garden grows... So glad it's spring! #gardenchat

My favorite thing now growing in the garden: sugar snap peas!

My mom doesn't get Twitter, but look what she sent for Valentine's day! <3

And they're off...

President Obama boards Marine One.

This is my view right now from the south lawn of the White House.

. sings to us about technology. (He used to work on Broadway!) #RaganSM

. gives us a web culture crash course at #raganSM

. talks about using Twitter from the space station at #RaganSM.

The Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird - built using a slide rule!

The MMU, TDRSS and space shuttle Enterprise at #udvarhazy.

Any other shuttle would have three main engines here, but Enterprise didn't need them.

There she is - what a beauty! - the space shuttle Enterprise.

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