…a paranoid algorithmic interpretation machine ~ i.e., a radiologist who suspects he's under surveillance ~ peering into the internet…

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Re. இதற்கும் கூகிளாண்டவரிடம் வேண்டலாம் சார்

How does ‘sync with iTunes via WiFi work?’

நெட்டில் கிடைப்பதெல்லாம் இதிலும் கிடைக்கும் ஐயா.

I see this

Google says bye to Steve Jobs

Aayutha puja at the local fruit & veg shop.

Currently listening to this playlist at work.

My experiment with #snapseed

Moving about 1km from our tiny 2BR 1st floor flat to a bigger 3BR ground floor house

The house is a mess as we pack & crate stuff for the move

Google celebrates Uncle Pai's birthday (via )

Update on my dead MBP...

Posterous spaces on iOS looks superb, but is slow,

I saw this in a patient record folder today,

Those were just the toppings. Here's the list

Choice of toppings

Thanjavur medical college. Testing #HalfTone

DD's mouth made a perfect O when I told her we got our dining table when I was 5 years old.