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I make videogames happen. I created @Gameifesto. I write @Motherboard. I art @Babycastles.

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hey found this bootleg version

. me me, i'm-a pizza boy

sounds like a Gatorade ad. IS it IN YOU?

they're shaped like this:

and there she stands, never moving, omnipotent

here here. Had lots of fun, Scott. Here's my rock man.

. 3 years in and I am still loving this girl's facebook feed. This one looks like the fucking Advil logo

she's back

And the Bit of the Year goes to Colin Snyder for "Shaving Mustache in Photobooth at Formal Party"

. and I checked out 2-Bit Arcade last night, best game: the Karate Champ cab feat. Sensei Ron Jeremy

. Conceptual Pizza Menu

Great Trolls of the internet. #SuperMario #Halloween #troll


When did Bioshock Infinite shift to being about hunks? #Checkplease

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?



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