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Libertine, Sadist, Dom, Kinky Daddy, Polyamorist, Queer, I Bite Cunts. TRIGGER WARNING! Like a sandstone dildo, only more irritating. I am BOMBASTIC.

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This is another of the same series.

. How about big hands holding belts?

There was a link in my initial tweet

I am so fucking over this. I know, I know, it is 400 below 0 where you live. But I am spoiled.

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Gahhhh, that's my grandbaby in there.

Hostage Taker. Funny how the "costume" is just me, being me.

Is this girl asking me if I want to put drugs in my nose with her? On her first OKCupid message to me?

Another pic of my grandbaby :-))

Also my grandbaby.

Redo: , the spawn, and me. Xmas day.

Apparently it's gonna be like that.

I know a few.

The famous "long spiral single" for & #cutie #gauntlet #FourCompleteRevolutions

And then this happened.

And this is why that lunatic is out running in the storm. He calls it his HD Abs. Lol.

And this one

My son posted on FB this morning that he took this so he has a "Before" pic. What an ass. Good thing I love that kid.