I'm from the Bay, #Vallejo to be exact! i enjoy chicken strips, smokin, poppin pills, punchin puppies & givin toddlers indian burns! #CreepLife

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I just saw a pic of that low cost iphone! Anyone who cops one will be labeled as a person who lives under a bridge.

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I never paid for anything at google play, but I'm seriously contemplating buying more this afro sticker for snoopify!

Coffee & these walmart® (cake hostess) cupcakes

Some idiots risked their lives, climbed up a freeway sign & tagged on em, too bad they didn't fall to their death!

I love those 2 bitches w/all my heart!

Ain't this bout a bitch I was excited to use my pizza app & the fuckboys at dominoes won't deliver to my traphouse!

I think wasn't in the mood for sarcasm abt her lost phone? She's evil yo

I'm on it, but I don't think I could ever fully quit soda!

I'm never gonna get laid w/this voltron in my room, I need to get rid of it ASAP!

I have these movie theater box candies & I can't decide which one to eat, so i'mma eat both!

Do you live under a rock "Apple Cinnamon Cheerios®" have been out at least 15yrs! Lol

Bitch I wasn't asleep, I was busy making tollhouse cookies & they're soft as fuck!

The finished product w/bbq chips, shit was aiight! Plain regular hamburger meat is 100x better, than this was!

A's Gang

I just logged in & don't be jealous I got 2 msgs & a friend request!

I just took my 2nd cold shower of the day & I'm laying down drying off in front of the A/C unit!