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Researcher of Nikola Tesla free energy airship from Bill Lyne findings on teslasflyingmachine and other conspiracies.

Photos and Videos by @saucersource

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Classic Piano

  • 689 days ago via site
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Nikola Tesla sits in front of ether reaction coil that powers his plane.

  • 835 days ago via site
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Some one sketched me but perhaps he was and engineer so did Nikola Tesla do art work and is it FBI CIA classified?

  • 886 days ago via site
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Old New York City just happened to be showing up on the internet before 09112001 for some reason in ad Illuminati?

  • 886 days ago via site
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Two DC motors given variable speed off pulsed voltages.

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Tesla Tower with UFO Teslaships suspended arms spin around tower light up option engineer desk professional #elite

  • 1505 days ago via site
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Web page tribute possible Tesla ship triangle craft. Trails and Teslaships in hover.

  • 1600 days ago via site
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Web page tribute possible Tesla ship triangle craft. Possible Tesla Nitrogen flames.

  • 1600 days ago via site
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Web page tribute possible Tesla ship triangle craft.

  • 1600 days ago via site
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Space is a liquid to voltage with plus and minus charge carriers with a relaxation time set by the radio frequency

  • 1610 days ago via site
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Marguerite Merrington saw force field raise a metal plate.

  • 1699 days ago via site
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Tesla Reality as Tesla said air and space are full of plus and minus charges in an insulating liquid.

  • 1892 days ago via site
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Photo posted by owner at

  • 1992 days ago via site
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Tesla sit by his aircraft motor that sends pressure waves at the speed of light.

  • 1993 days ago via site
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Tesla source material with some misinformation in authored books not of the three of Bill Lyne on the bottom row.

  • 1997 days ago via site
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air pressure from electrostatic driven ether

  • 2064 days ago via site
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Tesla produced sound or pressure waves in the inter atomic matter much like magnetism enters without the results voltage alone produces.

  • 2064 days ago via site
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Headstock of airline guitar part of what airlinemusic is all about.

  • 2170 days ago via site
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Tesla's words on electrostatics in the medium called ether at that time

  • 2326 days ago via site
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