Illustrator and animator. I'm a they/them, not a she or he. Get over it.

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original artwork by Jim Tozzi.

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My PFFR goblin figurine that I got from PFFR. (only 13 were made.) He is sitting next to a fluffy frog.

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My Leisuretown collection. I believe I have the most complete collection. + Two rare drawings by

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Preview image for Monday... GUFF HAMHAM

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preview image for The Wishmaster's Valentines.

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preview image for "The Man Who Doesn't Know How To Sit Casually."

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There are 39 frames of clunky stop-motion in the next 'Tub. Should've used clay instead of a bendy toy... or not! Still funny.

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I just wish this guy could make a cameo in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Preview for the next Flash Tub, TTT.

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet my rats, Stan and Oliver.

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The whiteboard in my office, full of ideas that never got used.

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The Super NEST is the cool place to hang out. You can find most of the cool people there. In SUPER NEST you can just chill and do whatever and totally relax.

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dat a fat dog.

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preview image for the next Daily Tub: SHMORKY DIED (IN THE CLOSET) A mini Lauren story!

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Preview image for Wednesday, The Daily Tub 3: HAPPY POTTER MEN

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Some commandments.

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Preview image for Tuesday's Daily Tub: Sports Pile

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Ghost Comix

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RANDOM HUMOR!!!!! I only like jokes that are clearly spelled out for me. I don't like having to think. Having to figure out what Emotions a certain character is trying to convey. If someone is happy MAKE THEM SMILE and if they are sad MAKE THEM FROWN! Don't be so SUBTLE ABOUT IT! God! You're making me feel dumb which makes me feel scared and then angry! AND IT'S NOT A PROBLEM WITH ME. YOU ARE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO MESS WITH ME AND YOUR JOKES DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE because "I" CAN'T UNDERSTAND THEM! If I don't understand it then it's just NONSENSE...

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