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You can only see the edge of it, but Chuck got a bandana at the vet today.

Yo, wait, is that Elena kissing John Ross in the promo?

Chuck and Clissy at the vet.

Cat, you are ridiculous.

I planted the seeds for these in March. They finally have flowers!

Thank you, Mac Calendar notification. I was definitely in danger of forgetting that. WTF.

So this just showed up and threw himself down here.

I love the list of most read stories on the Times' site, though:

I have a visitor.

Gingersnap roses!

Giant lump on my forehead, thanks to Mrs. Mosquito.

This was not the plan, but it'll do.

"If I dry my hair, it won't need as much straightening," I said to myself.

... I thought there was a "the" in there. Alas.

Aerial view of my cat. Those are my adult-sized Converse, not some little kid's.

I never looked at the back of this DVD insert before. Very Sears portrait studio, Ewing family:

Chuck got jealous when he saw me pick up Houlihan.

Broken kitty stretching.

How to get brownies out of your BFF:

The human has put a thing on my neck.