I'm on Mars, whoop-dee-fricken-doo. Not the real @MarsCuriosity. Profile Pic by the amazing @mandystobo !

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This is the rock I'm LIVE-TWEETING during the debate. I will also be using a town-hall style format.

Hey guys! I found that thing! It's either a bit of plastic, or else there's a cowboy up here rolling his own smokes.

This is not a big deal… is it?

Before this gets out to the press, I just want to assure everyone that this is not what you think it is…

I found you this rock… but it was already all brokened.

Tell your kids, or your friend's kids, or a baby if it seems like it can understand you and isn't a jerk...

Nothing sinister going on here…

"Hey! Look at this cool rock I found!" Something both me and really annoying kids say.

This is how I show Mars what's what…

Ever since I got the camera on my arm working I can't stop taking pictures of my intakes… if you know what I mean. #fb

If this wasn't already me, I'd hit that.

Blue Sunset on Mars (as captured by Spirit):

They posted a pic of the first rock I get to laser the shit out of! Now I know the Terminator felt!

Y'know what? Screw sarcasm for a moment - this photo is BEAUTIFUL.

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Little known fact: The treads on my tires write JPL in morse-code… all except one, which writes "SOS WTF BRB"!

Uploaded my first color image… promise you its not a scrotum. SCIENCE!

Hey look! They put me on the Google doodle… along with that asshole who abandoned me here to die… just great.

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