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blue skies and sunshine all day - 20 degrees! But I’m sure you burn too? Enjoy the cloud while it lasts!

déjà vu!

It's all kicking off in the Jones house:


I'm watching The Queen from the stairs because I'm feeling antisocial:

Hideous. (I did have the option of a less hideous double duvet cover, but didn't take it.)

This is my 'I'm still at the office and not wearing any make-up' selfie:

Well kindly said I could use hers to illustrate - a good look? cc:

The resulting photo:

Checking in, #Cress2013

Take two! #cress2013

#cress2013 is go!

Well this is exciting #cress2013 (if you think it isn’t maybe mute that hashtag!)


Nerdy boys singing Life on Mars in an All Star Lanes karaoke booth. Of course.

That’s the exact context in which this photo happened. i’m also wearing a whalespout headdress I made

Me looking been joyful with my wonderful brothers last night:

Thanks, - charming!

First birthday card is the best I've had ever - lovely Hannah drew me!

Today has been like an early birthday, but with presents I bought for myself. New dress for meeeee: