genderqueer dorky neteng person and half-ostrich half-cat creature. builds blinky things, stands in dark rooms, and skates in circles for hours. ze/zir.

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I'm fairly sure you are not correct, google maps directions.

Result of the storm a couple weeks ago. This is probably why that port doesn't work anymore.

DMXKitty Rev002 respin is done! Bit smaller, faster to assemble, and all 17 identified issues with Rev001 are fixed.

Yay, making actual visible progress typing-wise. Actual data is useful when it feels like I'm getting nowhere.

DMXKitty config interface is mostly done, yay!

woohoo, first stack instruction works on ECLair! :D

Yoda has claimed over half the blankets tonight and is fiercely defending his territory.

lol! It's a raygun. Theme was retro sci-fi ("Furbidden Planet")

Packing up and getting ready to head back to Toronto. Sad, but will also be good to see Yoda and $torontoppl! #fc2013

Getting serious business done here.

Brand new occupancy signs at SJCC! With the Braille printed on, un-embossed :|

It's been a long day for all of us.

So cool! #fc2013

Yoda has, as usual, picked the most in-the-way spot possible to lay down in :)

Hard life being a kitty at Miranda's.


aarrrrrghhh >_<

Colony caretaking fail, snow almost 7' high in front, can't get close.

d thedoh also here is a picture of upside-down-Clyde.