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This bed was perfectly made when he got in it. Someone is pretty pleased with himself. #baddog


Kim Jong Il lives and he's riding buses around downtown LA. Also he uses a flip phone.

Calm before the storm. #AToC

Waiting for #AToC on Hollywood Blvd, and this bro's gone "Full Thor".

This is why I need a queen size bed.

Sunset venue du jour. Good Friday, indeed.

If I ever have a house, this is how I'm decorating the entry. #30daysofbiking

Finally, my very own dinnerware.

It was lonely cheering, but I held down my corner.

Took the dog to cheer on the marathoners. He was unimpressed by this bunch.

Buckley wears the curtains so well.

Meet Lucy. Yesterday's happy accident. It was love at first pedal stroke.

Union Station on the way to work this morning.

Be there in a jif!

Good morning, Valley! I am coming to ride my bicycle in you.

Here's some movie magic for you all this morning.

Instead of replacing the pole that fell in the Dec winds, they've tied the wires to trees w/ rope. I feel safe & confident in my power supply.

This is what the Oscars look like. (They sound like helicopters. So many helicopters.)

I am at a HOUSE PARTY at someone's HOUSE.