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3 things about me: Thunder and Vikings are my teams, if your funny then I love you, and I could give 99k reasons why Jimmy Fallon is the love of my life.

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What's wrong with people on google??? Why is this what it predicts

Haha forgot to post this buttttt, lookie lookie it's me and one of the werewolves from twilight!

I LOVE cloudy dark skies. #SoPretty #ObsessedWithTheSky

He's got the right idea

Hahahaha forgot about this picture... Yes, that's Bill Clinton, my mom, and me and yesss I know I was super hawt

Getting flowers is literally one of my top 5 favorite things! #LoveIt #BestSurpriseEver

Looook how cute they are!!!!!!!!!

Finally trying NEURO BLISS!!! #LetsSeeIfThisWorks

Gnarly tatted mannequin 

#Np Well Done 2, Finally got my own copyyyyyyy. #Obsessed

Picture number two, no longer my love. #Bitter #Ouch

Picture number one when we were best friends!!

Picture #1 when we were best of friends!!! 

Forgot I took this, hah bunny ice sculpture they had at Rose Creek! #SoCool

Told him to strike a pose and this is what I got. #Precious

Hey check on this pic my Hitman took of u! Are u creeped out?! Ps GIVE ME UR NEXT PLAYOFF TICKETS OR HE'LL FIRE ! 

OWWWWWWW FALLING DOWN STAIRS IS NO BUENO!!!!! But what's more embarrassing is the huge bandaid that is covering it

But this is the best part evA!!!! Ps how Ironic that my  tweet went out to the sexiest man Eva! #ItWasntAnAccident 

this is for you!

I miss pcb 

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