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If you never try, you'll never know just what you're worth.

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Don't lie to me. #collegeproblems

Bruce Jr.'s 1st hardware #Jesuits

what's more awkward than sitting behind a giraffe at the movies? Sitting behind a panda on the bus

Fat Tuesday/ National Pancake Week/ post- 2x2k fuel #crewgirlproblems

I can see the family resemblance #cousinsinhighplaces

Infinitely more fun than reading about American political development #beanpot

Shouldn't you be making sure BC students aren't rioting on the streets of Boston or something?

Struggles. #anditsonlyday1

It's here! It's here! #holidaychallenge

I'll share if you help me with these reading assignments

Wasn't kidding...

Rough life

Do you think anyone would notice if I switched buses?

My mom put me in charge of completing this game board. Good thing I have lots of practice. #cashprizesgetatme

Professor Christensen, you are officially my favorite #asis

This is what I get for trying to take advantage of the extra benefits in the lounge #noink #studyguidefail

My long-distance study buddy #seeyouinaweek

Is this an NCAA violation? #extrabenefits #finals

Let' s play "guess how much my backpack weighs" #finals #crunchtime

Official coffee mug of the end of the semester/study days/finals week. #caffeineisnotoptional

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