i'm 17 & i'm a atheist i love Science,singing and music

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that is so true

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right Adam is not Freddie i know

but Adam rocked it last night so don’t have go at him

p.s brian may is amazing

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Did you know the Easter Island heads have bodies?

Yup it’s true. And some are as tall as 10 meters (33ft)! The Moai have overly large heads (3/5 the size of their bodies), and because of photographs taken in the 50’s of the slopes of Rano Raraku (where the statues are buried to their shoulders) many (including me) are lead to believe that they are only heads!

Check out the Easter Island Statue Project ( for more info on the excavation, Easter Island history, and more pictures!

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aww this is so cute

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Be Careful Jason Trawick I Want These Boots!

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me trying to be smart

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What a nice gift Banksy has given the Occupy London Movement. He created the classic Monopoly game with Uncle Pennybags himself asking for a handout. You can find the street art at St. Paul’s Cathedral as a show of support for the protest against corporate greed and corruption.

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my Favorite Banksy

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I have just do the #11:11 wish

william getting Royal treatment ;)

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It must have been so cool to work with Michael jackson R.I.P ♥

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thats me

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